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We are Ashlee & Jason of Ashlee Nicole Photography

Welcome to our blog! It is so good to have you hear.

Here you will find, tips for your upcoming wedding and see more of our photography work.

We are so glad you have found us. And we are excited to share a little bit more about us and how Ashlee Nicole Photography came to be.

Where to begin. Let's start from the beginning. Ashlee graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Film and Business. After graduation Ashlee began her photography business, while also photographing concerts as a freelancer. It wasn't until Ashlee photographed her first wedding until she realized what she was meant to do as her career. While photographing concerts was super cool job. And had major bragging rights. Weddings just had Ashlee's heart. Meeting new couples and how every wedding is different. And just the feeling of capturing the most important moment in couples lives. Knowing our photographs will be cherished the rest of your lives. So rewarding and an honor.

In 2009 Ashlee Photographed her first client. Well it was more of a friend of a friend. And that is what started Ashlee Nicole Photography. And by 2010 Ashlee was already traveling to Australia to photograph a destination wedding. Ok here is the embarrassing moment. I am about to share one of the photos from this wedding. I say embarrassing because when I look at it now I see so many things I would change and improve. I mean we are all our worst critics, right? But for the couple they still to this day cherish this photo and share it every anniversary. Which brings me so much joy.

australia wedding

Now this was 13 years ago. Crazy to even think that. Our photography business has grown and changed so much through the years. Here are some of our favorite photos recently.

Ashlee Nicole Photography

Now fast forward to when Ashlee met Jason. YAY!

Ashlee went out one night with her girlfriend. They went to Dixie Roadhouse a country line dancing bar in Cape Coral, Florida. Ashlee grew up dancing and her girlfriend knew this, so she invited Ashlee in hopes she would have a forever line dancing friend. Well she was right. Ashlee went and was hooked after night one. But also on the first night. Ashlee met Jason. Jason was working the door checking IDs as security. He saw Ashlee and her friend walk in. I guess he checked our IDs. (Ashlee - I do not remember this) But he was so infatuated by Ashlee. That he went to his boss and asked if anyone gets cut early from their shifts, that he would gladly take it. Now this was unusual for Jason. He never asked to get "cut". So his boss was intrigued and Jason said he wanted to talk to a girl. Well he wanted to talk to ASHLEE! That night Jason got "cut" first and was got the guts to talk to Ashlee. And from that night on Ashlee and Jason spoke everyday. Now it has been 10 years that we have been together. We still love going out to fun unique bars and have more fancy cocktail drinks. Love going to concerts and to the most magical place on earth Disney!

ashlee and jason

And while living our lives we are now planning our dream wedding for September of this year. It has been a long time coming for us. Jason proposed to Ashlee back in 2019. March 2019. And yes, it was at Disney. But at the beautiful resort The Boardwalk. This was a place that Jason and Ashlee frequently visited and meant a lot to them both. Ashlee booked a photo session with her friend Kati and Jason hopped on the opportunity to talk to Kati about popping the question during the session. Kati and Jason planned the whole thing and it was absolutely perfect and caught Ashlee by surprise. After Jason proposed. His family and Ashlee family were all watching from afar and surprised them right after. It was absolutely perfect! Now remember this happen in 2019. Ashlee and Jason planned their wedding to be September 19th of 2021. But then COVID happened. And the world shut down. FINALLY! On September 20th of this year. We will finally be getting married in ITALY! And we are so excited for the day, OUR day to be here.

disney proposal the disney boardwalk resort

Follow along on our INSTAGRAM to see all of our upcoming wedding plans and activities. It is going to be an amazing adventure. Our family will be traveling to Siena, Italy for our wedding and we can not wait to go on this amazing adventure with them.

We are so happy you took the time to read a little bit about us. We are so excited to get to know you and hear your amazing love story.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ashlee & Jason



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