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Life Update: WE GOT MARRIED! Our Siena, Italy Wedding

Yes, it is true. Jason and I finally had the wedding of our dreams. YAY! But let's take a trip down memory lane of the journey we have had to get to our wedding day.

Back in 2019 Jason proposed. He asked me to marry him at one of our favorite Disney Resorts, The Boardwalk. We had planned to do some new headshots with our dear friend Kati Rosado with Kati Rosado Photography. But Jason had other plans. Basically he hijacked my photo shoot and turned it into a proposal shoot. I had no idea. Jason with the help of Kati pulled it off. It was absolutely perfect. Months leading up to this particular day, Jason and I spoke a lot of about the future. I knew an engagement was in the plans for our future. I even sent him my top ring choices as a guide. But I didn't even know he bought the ring. Total surprise. He even had my family and some of his family there to surprise us. It was absolutely perfect. I will cherish these photos so much. Because we lost Jason's mom recently. And I am so happy she was able to share this experience with us. And yes of course I am going to share some photos from this moment!

We took some time off from the proposal to think about what we really wanted to do for our wedding day. We agreed something small and intimate was more our speed. (which is not what I thought I would have) And we also knew we wanted to do a destination that would bring our family to a destination we love. This same year we had a wedding in Siena, Italy for some friends of my from high school. I was honored they flew Jason and I out to Italy to photograph their entire wedding week. It was the most perfect wedding, a dream come true. Jason and I left that wedding and we both knew we wanted to be able to go back and get married there. So we booked Le Bolli Villa for our wedding in September 2021.

Well then COVID happened. And we unfortunately were one of the many couples who were faced with the hardest decisions for their wedding days. Do we change everything and plan something for Florida? Do we still do a destination but somewhere in the US? Do we risk our families help to get married? So many unknowns. So many questions. All in all, we put our wedding on the back burner. Focused on all of our couples who had to move their wedding dates. Prayed everything would pan out ok. And when the time came we finally were able to rebook our wedding date for Le Bolli Villa. While the US was reopening and things were kind of getting back to normal from covid. Italy was very slowly progressing to normalcy. I didn't want our family to travel all the way to Italy and not be able to experience the museums, landmarks, and vineyards. So we moved our wedding date again. Now our final date was set. September 20th, 2023. And on that date we went to Italy and we got married! And it was absolutely everything. A DREAM COME TRUE. While we are still waiting on our final film. Here is a sneak peek at our wedding day.

Biggest thing I can share now that I am a past Bride is to just know you did all the work to make your day perfect. And when the day comes. Just live in that moment. Know you have the vendors who you love and trust. And they have your best interest at hand. This day I was not a wedding photographer. I was a Bride. And everything was absolutely perfect. When we get our full wedding film. I will share more about the actual wedding day. Who did I hire. And how it was planning a destination wedding. But for now. Here is our sneak peek at our wedding film.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our story. It is so important to us for you to get to know us, while we get to know you. I hope this was fun to read. And I hope it brings so much excitement to you for your wedding day.

She is a wifey!!! YAY!

<3 Ashlee


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