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Wedding Photographer Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

When planning your wedding day and searching for the perfect photography team to hire. There are tons of questions you might have before booking with them. Here are some of our most frequent asked questions and our answers.

Do you travel for weddings?

- Yes, we do. We have traveled to Key West, West Palm Beach, New York, California, Italy, Jamaica and Australia. Plus many more. We calculate the cost of travel and incorporate that into the final payment for your wedding collection. We will make all the travel arrangements so you do not have to worry at all. We have full galleries for you to view of our destination weddings. We want you to see that we get so inspired by new places to photograph at. And how we thrive on the adventures.

Do you release the images to your clients?

Yes. We deliver all sessions with images in high resolution via a digital download gallery link. And all weddings will receive a single USB drive and a download gallery link. To share with all your friends and family. No watermarks. We do not release any RAW files to clients. If this is something you are interested in, we are open to have a discussion and see if we can accommodate your request.

Do you have an assistant or second photographer available for weddings?

Yes, Ashlee and Jason always shoot and work together for weddings. We love that you get to know the both of your photographers for your wedding day. Some collections only provide Ashlee as the main photographer and Jason will act as Ashlee's assistant. Other collections will provide Ashlee and Jason as your main photographers. And if you hire us for a larger wedding where we will require an assistant, we will notify you throughout the booking process.

If neither Ashlee nor Jason are available due to sickness or death, we use another professional photographer from our network that we love and trust. And who fit our style of photography and professionalism.

When and How will I receive my wedding photographs?

It takes us anywhere between 6-8 weeks for delivery of your images depending on the time of year. We will let you know when you book when we expect to have your final delivery of your photographs. And you receive your photographs via an online gallery and USB drive.

Do we receive all of our wedding photographs?

Absolutely! The only photographs we do not deliver are the ones where there might be eyes closed that should be opened, or unflattering photographs that we know you won't want. On average we deliver 75-100 images per hour hired. So, if we are hired for an 8 hour wedding day there will be at least 600 photographs on your USB and gallery. But, to be honest we deliver way more than that. Between 900-1,500. Sometimes we just can't decide and we would rather have you decide which ones you prefer to have. So we will deliver them both to you. We do not send you an RAW or unedited photographs. The photographs you have seen from us sharing, have all been edited. We believe you are hiring us for our editing style. So we deliver all photographs edited to that style.

Do you shoot Digital or Film?

Currently, at Ashlee Nicole Photography all of our portrait sessions will be including film into them. Now when we say film, yes we are saying, the old school way of taking photographs. Where you had to send your pictures to a lab to be processed. We are in the process of adding film into our wedding collections. If you are interested in the art of film and would love to have us capture the raw essence look of film for your wedding day we would love to talk with you more about the options you have. And showcase to you the art of film for your wedding day.

Do you offer printing options?

Yes, we do. We work with our wedding, as well as, our portrait clients in making sure they have a full service experience with us. From inquiring to ordering and receiving of your prints. Some of our collections for wedding photography offer a print credit. This is a credit you would use towards printing your wedding photographs. We do offer more than just prints. We offer canvas, as well as, albums for our clients and their families

When do I receive my photographs from my engagement session?

We have a turn around time of one to two weeks for our portrait sessions. On date of session you will be notify when gallery will be delivered.

When do I receive my photographs from my wedding day?

We have a turn around time of 3 to 4 months for your final gallery of your wedding photographs. And we deliver sneak peek photographs from your wedding day to you within 1 to 2 weeks after your wedding date. We know the turn around time for the final gallery is long so these sneak peeks are 40 to 50 photographs from the whole wedding day. It is like a mini gallery!

After your wedding date. You will receive an email from Ashlee Nicole Photography sharing when your final photographs will be delivered to you. We always send the online gallery first and then send your USB within 1 to 2 months after that. And we always keep an open communication when items should arrive to you.

How do we book?

We will send you a proposal through our booking program. The contract and an invoice will be attached to this. You will be able to review, fill out and sign the contract online. And make your first payment through the invoice. We require 50% of total invoice due to book. This reserves your date with your photographers. And makes it official. Once we have the contract and invoice payment back, it will be official!

Can we meet with you before we book?

Absolutely! We love meeting with you and getting to know you. We offer consultation in person. But we also offer, FaceTime or Zoom dates to chat and put a face to our names if you are booking from our of the state or country.

What equipment do you use?

We are a NIKON family here. While I also photograph film. We use NIKON digital cameras. With tons of lenses. But some of our favorite lenses are Nikon 58mm, Nikon 50mm and Nikon 70-200mm for ceremonies. We also use off camera flashes during your reception to make sure we light up everything without distracting the vibe of your reception.

Are you available to work with our budgets?

We understand money can be a very scary and sometimes difficult thing to talk about. Our pricing is based on our cost of doing business and unfortunately we do not offer any discount on our services. We thank you for understanding and appreciate this question.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors we can ask to see?

Absolutely! We have worked with so many amazing vendors. And have taken note of some of our favorites. We have a list we are more than happy to share once you have booked with us.

Will you photoshop my photographs?

Minor edits will be made to all of your photographs. We believe if the mark, spot isn't something that is forever it should be removed. While our imperfections is what makes us beautiful and unique we understand if you would like to have something removed. If there are any specific edits you want, these edits will be charged accordingly, depending on the type of the corrections.

Will my photographs be posted publicly on your site or social media?

I respect your privacy and allow each client to decide whether or not they want their photographs displayed. Now we would love to show off you & your images. But again we respect your privacy so if this is something to where you wish to not havr them shared. Please let us know prior to signing a contract.

When do we schedule our engagement session?

After you have booked with us. You will receive an email about the next steps. Next would be to book your engagement session date and location. We have tons of options for locations around the SW Florida area. But if you are interested in having us travel for your engagement session. We would set up a phone call appointment to chat about those options. We recommend scheduling your engagement session as soon as possible. Most do the session 9 to 8 months out from their wedding date.

We look forward to talking with you! If you have any other questions please fill out our inquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

- Ashlee & Jason


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