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Christine + Gabe | Intimate Wedding at Villa le Bolli, Radicondoli | Tuscany, Italy Wedding

We had the honor of photographing Christine and Gabe's engagement session in Fort Myers, Florida. And during their engagement session we talked about their wedding plans. Little did I know I would be getting "the" phone call, a few weeks later, to head to Italy to photograph their amazing wedding in Tuscany.

It was such a fun journey traveling through Italy. We were able to spend some time in Rome and Florence before we made the trip with Christine and Gabe to their amazing villa for the week of their wedding. Packed all the luggage and us all in a very small, what they call "large van" in Italy. And made the trip through the beautiful mountains to the top where Villa le Bolli stood. It completely took our breathe away when we finally arrived. As you pulled in through the gates your welcomed by tons of Olive Trees. The Villa is absolutely darling. Tons of rooms and space. All of Christine and Gabe's guest were able to stay at the villa, including us. It was absolutely perfect.

The day before the wedding we went to an amazing Winery. And had the pleasure of touring the vineyards and seeing how they produced all the wines. Then had a great lunch and which of course included testing out all the wines. Jason even enjoyed the white wines. (huge surprise) It was such a great experience and all the wine served at the wedding was from this vineyard. So this Winery held such a huge part in the wedding.

Then the morning came for wedding day. It was amazing waking up with everyone, having breakfast, and just getting ready for the day. One of my favorite aspects to the day was the little favors Christine and Gabe had set up for their guest. They had Olive Oil made from the olive groves at the Villa and had super cute bottles for everyone to take home. Like how amazing to incorporate so many aspects of Italy in your wedding. Seriously such an incredible experience and we were so thankful to be apart of it all. It was a dream come true. And we truly fell in love with everything. And we are so excited to share some sneak peeks from the day.

After we took these photos at the Villa the coordinator informed us we had the option to go to another amazing villa to take pictures at their entry way.... The villa belongs to THE BVLGARI! YES! The Bvlgari who makes amazing diamond rings. It was incredible. Pictures below.

And then I had a crazy idea to walk along this crazy curvy road to head to the most perfect epic location for sunset.... And Christine and Gabe totally trusted and here we are hiking to the amazing location! Check the photos below.


Christine & Gabe

love - us (Ashlee and Jason)


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