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Courtney + Jaden Wedding | Arching Oaks Ranch Wedding | Labelle, Florida Wedding

Courtney and Jaden the wedding day finally came! YAY! It feels like its been forever since we initially spoke with Courtney and Jaden about their wedding day. I mean it has been two years since we spoke. But the day finally came this past Saturday. And on November 3rd, 2018 Courtney and Jaden tied the knot in front of all their friends and family, at the beautiful Arching Oaks Ranch. We absolutely loved all the details Courtney and Jaden put together for the big day. From the handmade ceremony doors. To all the little details to make their vision come to life. It was beautiful.

One of our favorite moments from the day was during the ceremony. There wasn't a dry eye. As soon as the doors open and Courtney walked down the aisle to her Jaden. It was like everyone got goose bumps. I loved how emotional the day was for Courtney and Jaden. Your love showed throughout the whole day. We were so thankful to bring it all to life for your to remember for forever. Enjoy some of the sneak peeks from your amazing wedding day.


Courtney & Jaden

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