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Alisa + Taylor Fort Myers, Florida Wedding | Plantation Golf & Country Club

Alisa + Taylor | May 26th, 2018

Plantation Golf & Country Club

May has been such a weird month for us Florida people. It has been raining for days and days.


During the week of Alisa and Taylor's wedding it was no different. The last week of May we were hoping and praying for some clearer weather. On May 26th, 2018 we woke up to rain and we went to sleep with, yes...rain. But when we arrived to Alisa getting ready that morning, in her bridal suite, she was calm and not worried at all by the rain. Alisa was filled with such joy and positivity. We reassured her that if we weren't able to get any portraits done of her and Taylor outside that we would come back for a reschedule and we would do our best to make all of the other memories made that day beautiful and perfect for them.

Throughout the day we waited for opportunities for the rain to stop.

And FINALLY while we were taking Alisa and Taylor's portraits. The RAIN STOPPED!

It was a miracle. We quickly rain downstairs and out to the grassy area. And boom we were able to create magic. The short break from the rain was all we needed. And it was perfect. The day was filled with so much joy. We had such a blast with all of Alisa and Taylors friends and family. I wanna thank Alisa and Taylor for being so chill and easy going on their wedding day. You kept saying you trusted us and knew we would create magic. And yes we did! We are so excited to share some of the memories made on your wedding day! Thank you for having us! Hope your having a blast on your honeymoon in London!

Congratulations to Alisa + Taylor

- Ashlee and Jason

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