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Fall Romantic Garden Fort Myers Wedding

Shelby + Wadson | November 3rd, 2017

One of our favorite places to take photographs is at Lakes Park. It has such a beautiful garden area and great walking paths. So when we got an inquiry for a wedding there. You bet, I was very excited.

Shelby and Wadson had the most beautiful garden wedding. And it was such a beautiful day. Nice cool weather and perfect skies. We loved the fun, unique ideas that Shelby and Wadson had for their wedding day. From the flower rings as bouquets to the pink and white smoke grenades. Yes, they had smoke grenades. And it was so magical using them for their portraits. With the help of Jason we were able to create some amazing photographs for them.

One of our favorite moments from their wedding day. Was seeing the joy on Shelby and Wadson face when they exited their wedding ceremony. Such great moments captured.