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Emily + Robbie Weatherbee Wedding

We are super excited to share out first blog post to the new website. Its been a journey getting everything back up and running. But it is here. And here we go.

When I scheduled a meeting with Emily and her sister Sarah. Yes, thats right. Sisters getting married around the same time. And wanting to do engagement photos around the same time. Now this wasn't a first for me. But this story on how the wedding became to be, I just have to share.

I had a meeting schedule to meet with Emily and Sarah and their Mom. I was super excited for the girls. But then I got a phone call from their Mom. Saying she had to cancel our meeting. At first I was like ok, this is weird, but I said I understood. Well the further we got into the conversation the more I came to know. That only one of the sisters was engaged and the other sister was being proposed to the night of our meeting. Well, now it all made sense. So I took one for the team and cancelled on the sisters. Yes, we rescheduled and laugh about it now. But that was definitely a first for me. But it is and will always be a fun one to share.